Santa Fe Scene in Scottsdale

For this weekend only, most of Santa Fe’s Native American artists, collectors and gallery owners headed to Scottsdale for the 2010 Heard Museum Indian Market; my husband, Rob, and I were no exception. Three of these talented artists,

Mateo Romero,


Marla Allison,

and Ryan Singer all had booths at the Heard Show.

When Rob and I popped in yesterday, all were selling well and each of their booths were overflowing with buyers. La Fonda has many pieces of amazing art hanging on our walls and we commissioned these 3 talented artists to paint a triptych for display on our concierge level – it can be seen in The Gathering Room of  The Terrace at La Fonda.

It is a puzzle in that each piece can be mixed and switched out with pieces from the other artist’s paintings so that it still looks smashing. This is what the piece looks like switched out.


This is the very definition of collaboration.

Santa Feans also seen at this remarkable event this weekend: Brian Vallo (works with our architect Barbara Felix – his booth was sold out by end of day Saturday and this was his first year to show at the Heard!); Nocona Burgess; Dorie Rosen and Ron Klein; Jane and Bill Buchsbaum; Marla Thompson, Quail Run’s general manager, and her husband, Marshall; Joe and Marilyn McGonagle-Hughey.  They are just a few of the many Santa Feans seen in Scottsdale this weekend!


One Response to “Santa Fe Scene in Scottsdale”

  1. Beautifully written. Thank you and it was great to see you this weekend and meet Rob. Hope to see you soon!

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