Health and Human Services Week

This week is Health and Human Services Week in Santa Fe. Fran Mullin, owner of Vanessie, created this event several years ago. The event has become so successful that it has expanded to a full eleven days.

Fran’s goals are to foster communication among Santa Fe’s social service organizations and educate the public and business community about the services that these worthwhile nonprofits provide. Each year, Fran personally selects the local nonprofits that are to be involved in Health and Human Services Week. He challenges these selected organizations to bring in at least 100 reservations to Vanessie. This gives the board members and staff of these nonprofits an opportunity to have some ‘skin in the game’.

Fran generously donates 20% of Vanessie’s receipts during Health and Human Services Week. In addition, he underwrites the entire cost of printing and advertising for this event so 100% of the money raised goes directly to the nonprofits as unrestricted funds.

We are fortunate to have Charlie Wheeler and Shane Muth, local representatives of HUB Insurance, as La Fonda’s insurance agents. Not only are they saving us money in insurance premiums while increasing our coverage, but they are showing their commitment to our community by participating in Health and Human Services Week. HUB sponsors an entire table on four nights during Health and Human Services Week. Customers invited to dinner at HUB’s table learn about the particular nonprofit that HUB is sponsoring each year. I have been lucky enough to have been a guest of HUB’s last year, raising money for the Mountain Center, and this year, for Gerards’ House. This year, Health and Human Services week continues through Sunday, April 25, so if you have time, call Vanessie and make a reservation, enjoy the tasty-good, simply-the-best onion loaf in town and know that 20% of the money spent will go to a very good cause in our community.


One Response to “Health and Human Services Week”

  1. Carlos Ramirez Says:

    I never heard of this 11-days event before, but it is a very interesting and positive program that Fran Mullin has put in effect for all this years.
    It is great to know that people in Santa Fe cares for the many non-profit organizations that support our community.
    That reminds me of Mr. and Mrs. Ballen that for so many years were active supporters of many non-profit organizations, and started a long last tradition of La Fonda supporting this kind of events/organizations. It is great to know that La Fonda continues the legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Ballen of giving to the community without expecting anything in return. Keep it up!

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