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May is for Bicycles!

Posted in General, Uncategorized on May 12, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

Did you know that the month of May is National Bike Month and Bike to Work Week is May 17-21?

In celebration of this month, I have been biking to work each day and have challenged La Fonda’s staff to do the same. Those employees that take me up on my challenge will be rewarded. For every day a La Fonda employee rides their bike to work during the month of May, they will get $5. For those seriously into competition, any employee that bikes in more days than I do will be getting a $100 prize. Check back at the beginning of June for an update on the La Fonda Bike to Work Challenge. Anyone want to guess how many Ben Franklins I will be handing out? The more the merrier!

Biking to work has been fun. Other than the ubiquitous potholes that one has to avoid in Santa Fe (and they are particularly bad this year), being saddle sore, the occasional inattentive or inconsiderate automobile driver and the random bug that hits me in the face, I’ve enjoyed this new experience.

Early in the morning, it is still cool in Santa Fe, the birds are out singing and spring is springing. At the end of the day heading home, it is hotter and traffic is heavier but still the sky is crystal blue and the fruit trees are blooming so it is still a pleasure. To find out about local biking events this month, visit the City of Santa Fe’s Bike to Work page. Biking to work gets your adrenaline pumping, burns an average of 500 calories per hour, saves gas and reduces carbon emissions, so give it a try and share the road with me!


The Old Lady Needs a Face Lift (and I am not talking about me)

Posted in General, Santa Fe Non-Profits, Who's Who on May 6, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

Cornerstones Community Partnerships is a nonprofit organization based in Santa Fe. Its mission is to work in collaboration with communities to restore historic structures, encourage traditional building practices, and affirm cultural values. I have to admit that I am a huge fan of this organization and I am honored to serve on its board.

San Miguel Chapel, located on the Old Santa Fe Trail, is said to be the oldest church in the United States. A church has been on this site since the early 1600s and the present structure was reconstructed in 1710. It is owned by St. Michael’s Corporation (which also runs St. Mike’s High School here in Santa Fe – boasting such famous graduates as St. Mike’s board president John Fox (Co-owner Southwestern Title and Escrow), Cheryl Sommer (owner of Kaunes), Greg Quintana (comptroller of the very popular hotel, La Fonda on the Plaza), Larry Delgado (former mayor), Art Jaramillo (head of the GSA for NM), Dr. David Gonzales (CMO of the Heart Hospital of NM), City Counselor Matt Ortiz, City Attorney Geno Zamora, Monsignor Jerome, Federal Judge Judy Herrera, just to name a few. St. Michael’s asked Cornerstones to get involved and develop a preservation plan for the chapel. Not only has Cornerstones done this, but it applied for and was awarded a Save America’s Treasures grant to help fund the preservation.

Cornerstones and St. Michael's Group Shot

The two boards came together at my home to meet and greet and solidify this collaboration. Pictures from this event are attached. Preservation work will begin this summer and volunteers are needed. If you want to learn about adobe structures or just want to grab a few friends and spend time together outdoors mudding the mission and helping a great cause, call the Cornerstones office at 982-9521 and sign up. Hours for volunteer crews are 9-3:30 Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you can’t help mud, how about donating lunches for our volunteer work crews? To feed an entire work crew for the day would be a max of 20 lunches and our volunteers would be very appreciative. So get out, get your hands dirty, and feel good about giving your time to help restore an historic icon.

PS – If you’re looking for a picture of Cornerstones board President Jim Gautier, you won’t find him. He wasn’t avoiding the camera, he was behind it. Many thanks to Jim for taking the photographs.

Betty Montoya, Cheryl Sommer, Marci Sullivan

Jake Barrow, Dr. David Gonzales

Ann Caldwell, Kurt Sommer, Bruce Chemel

Dave Blackman, Max Myers

Boni Armijo, John Fox

Exilda Martinez, Bill Garcia, Max Myers, Monie Blum

Group Shot

Group Shot