Behind the Scenes at Indian Market

This week I will be blogging about some of the behind the scenes activity going on this week leading up to and including Indian Market weekend. I will also be spotlighting some of our interesting guests staying at La Fonda, starting with Sidney and Ruth Schultz.

The Schultz’s have made La Fonda their home away from home during Indian Market for the past 28 years. Ruth served on SWAIA’s (Indian Market’s sponsoring organization) board for many years. Ruth and Sidney have been avid collectors of Native American art for over 50 years and Ruth often shares her expertise with informative lectures on how to become a collector. Ruth describes Indian Market as “the greatest show on earth”. She suggests anyone interested in the art itself attend the preview Friday afternoon. The preview is hosted at the Convention Center and gives a good overall look at what is going to be offered at Market. For tickets to this event, call Linda Off at SWAIA: 505-983-5220. For more information visit their website.

Another gem of advice Ruth shares, “Don’t be blinded by the ribbons.” There is so much wonderful work that has not been awarded a ribbon; collectors may be missing out on some fantastic opportunities if they limit themselves to purchasing ribboned pieces.


2 Responses to “Behind the Scenes at Indian Market”

  1. Sid and Ruth are on amazing couple. Totally dedicated to each other and to the history, culture and art of the Native American people.
    Wise in years they both have an eye for quality, technique, and application when it come to art and collecting.
    They have been returning guests at the Rancho de San Juan for over 16 years during the Eight Northern Indian Market in July.

    They are always open to finding new works and new artist to introduce to the world of collectors.

  2. Andy Ritch Says:

    Ruth’s comment about the “ribbons” is worth its weight in gold!

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