Which Team will be La Fonda’s Biggest Winner?

Our staff is amazing. They, on their own initiative, have implemented a “biggest loser” contest among our staff here at La Fonda. Fifty employees signed up for the challenge. We divided them into 3 teams and the initial weigh-in was the first week in January. There will be weigh-ins each month with the final weigh-in for our 90 day contest coming at the end of March. The winning team will be decided by which team loses the highest percentage of weight during the contest. Prizes are still to be determined but the competition has begun and it is fierce! To help support this effort, our executive chef Lane Warner has provided more healthy, low-fat options served in our employee cafeteria. And our HR director, Lisa Bertelli, has been sending weight loss tips and recipes to all employees. When my husband, Rob, and I dined at La Plazuela this past Saturday night, our server, Conny “Stormie” Stahlhut, a 25 year La Fonda employee, proudly announced she has already lost 8 pounds and her pants are bagging on her. When asked how she had lost the weight, her response was “CLEM”. I had never heard of this so she patiently explained, “consume less, exercise more”. Makes perfect sense but sometimes hard to do. I will keep you posted on progress but know that much of our staff is very committed to getting healthier in 2011. Are you?


3 Responses to “Which Team will be La Fonda’s Biggest Winner?”

  1. I volunteer to give a therapeutic massage to the winner!

  2. I’m betting on Stormy

  3. Andy Ritch Says:

    This is a great idea. However, I wonder if the Baby Back Ribs will still be on the menu. I had them during my last visit two weeks ago and they were the best I have ever eaten. We are moving to Santa Fe and I want them to stay on the menu. Have mercy!!!!!!!!

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