La Fonda Staff Give Back

Adrian Montoya, Director of Guest Services, La Fonda on the Plaza

One of my favorite things about the family atmosphere at La Fonda is seeing how the spirit of cooperation reaches far beyond the job, to helping people throughout the community. I was reminded of this by a meeting of the Red Cross here recently. Our Director of Guest Services, Adrian Montoya, is a board advisor for the New Mexico Red Cross, which steps in whenever New Mexicans are forced from their homes by fire, flood, a hard freeze (like we just had) or other disaster to offer shelter, food, and supplies. A Red Cross fundraiser we had here at La Fonda last week raised more than $500 just from our hourly workers, who don’t have a lot of extra money to spend. These types of fundraisers help the organization prepare for when disaster strikes.

Altogether, our employees are on the boards of 20 organizations, and volunteer at 13 others. Our staff gives generously to United Way all year round. And La Fonda supports nonprofits our employees are involved in whenever we can. During the January cold snap, for example, when people lost power and Red Cross shelters were packed, La Fonda rushed over supplies like cups, bottled water, and toilet paper. Adrian tells me the Red Cross has seen a lot of companies pull back on donations during the recession—but not at La Fonda. “That reflects on us because we’re a giving company,” he says. It shows our employees really take the idea of hospitality to heart! Thanks to people like our own Adrian Montoya, who so unselfishly are giving back to our community, Santa Fe is a more just, kind and supportive place to live.


One Response to “La Fonda Staff Give Back”

  1. Melissa Wise Says:

    How wonderful to hear of the generosity of the hotel and staff. It is a good reminder that we can all make a difference no matter the size of the donation, $10 or $10,000! The spirit of giving is contagious! Many hands makes a light load.

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