Green Drinks

In New Mexico we tend to think of ourselves as pretty environmentally conscious and “green.” But a group of us who are interested in sustainability learned earlier this week how the state’s hottest new industry might be a lot more green.

La Fonda was the host for the March meeting of Green Drinks, a nationwide project that brings people together over food and drink to talk about how to “green” our local economies. Green Drinks in Santa Fe is organized by the Santa Fe Alliance, and they brought Holly Roach as guest speaker. Holly and her Green Productions Resource helped “green” productions that have filmed here, such as True Grit, Cowboys & Aliens, Paul, and Have You Heard About the Morgans?

She mentioned a lot of ways that film productions can be more sustainable, such as using recycled or re-purposed materials in food service, costuming, and especially set design; using power-saving lights and centralized water stations instead of bottled water (imagine how much of that a film shoot goes through!), along with more energy-efficient vehicles. Holly suggested that film productions might aim to be “carbon neutral,” like the Academy Award-winning Syriana. She even mentioned a production office that kept goats in back to eat leftover food, with bins around the office labeled “For the Goats”!

Our food and beverage manager Shawn Murphy talked about some of our sustainability initiatives here at La Fonda, which got a terrific round of applause from the crowd. Since we are always looking for ways to make our hotel and restaurant business more green, we were really honored to have the Green Drinks crowd here—over 100 people strong!


One Response to “Green Drinks”

  1. I would like to help in this effort, and will, after my wife and I move to Santa Fe in June. To this point, La Fonda is my second home in Santa Fe. We will soon be in Rancho Viejo.

    Over the years I have worked on several films and the waste has been incredible, as money, sometimes, seems to be no object. Those who invest in films should be the direct targets of your persuasion. “It is MY money, you will go green!!”
    Need I say more??

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