About Jenny

Jenny Kimball has been Chairman of the Board  of La Fonda on the Plaza since 2007. Her involvement with La Fonda goes well beyond what many people envision for a Chairman—in fact she is an integral part of daily decisions at La Fonda.

Prior to becoming Chairman of the Board of La Fonda she was an accomplished lawyer and president of a non-profit educational foundation. She moved to Santa Fe in 1989 due to her being a dear friend of Sam and Ethel Ballen who referred to her as their “near daughter”. She is married to Rob Kimball, who lives and works in Phoenix during the weekdays. Jenny is originally from Dallas, Texas.

In addition to her responsibilities at La Fonda she is involved with many Santa Fe non profits and is an avid outdoorsman as well as a supporter of contemporary artists. Her many interests are reflected in her blog postings.


2 Responses to “About Jenny”

  1. Sharron Frye-Agulia Says:

    Many years ago I had a shop, Temptations, in La Fonda. Sam & Ethel were friends almost until the end. I’m just curious – who owns La Fonda now? I now live on a mountain top in Costa Rica but, am trying to sell and return to Santa Fe (while I can still walk). Really, really enjoyed reading your blog todoay. Mucho interesting info — especailly the book reviews. Gracias.
    Pura vida.

    • Sharron, thanks for writing. La Fonda remains a privately held company with multiple shareholders though the vast majority of shares are owned by Sam and Ethel’s extended family. Five out of 8 of our board members are Ballen family members so the Ballen family remains very active in the hotel. Please come visit next time you get to the States. I would love to meet you in person.

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