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What Do Bruce Hornsby and J. Robert Oppenheimer Have in Common?

Posted in Music on April 20, 2011 by Jenny Kimball
Bruce Hornsby

Bruce Hornsby

Bruce Hornsby played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Lensic Theater Monday night. He and his Noisemakers band played two sets for several hours. He played a few new tunes as well as many of his old classics. The second set was totally devoted to requests from the audience. I think the loudest applause he got was when he dedicated his poignant song, The End of the Age of Innocence, to Oppenheimer. Hearing Hornsby sing, “O’beautiful for spacious skies, but now those skies are threatening. They’re beating plowshares into swords,” echoed in time with the oft-quoted line from the Bhagavad Gita  that Oppenheimer claimed came into his head as he watched the explosion of the bomb, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

Time continues to march on with many echoes of the past reaching out to us in the present. My husband, Rob, and I saw Hornsby and his band play several years ago at the Paulo Soleri where the crowd was much more boisterous. As I watched the more “grown-up” version of Hornsby at the Lensic, I recalled the Paulo Soleri performance ending with women climbing on the stage and dancing on top of his piano while he happily banged away on his piano keys. I am sure all agree, that we hope they keep the Paulo Soleri open  – so many great memories have been made there and the venue lends itself to going back to that age of innocence when we all enjoyed going a bit crazy in sync with the beat.


Kinda Like Woodstock

Posted in General, Music with tags , , , on September 8, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

One of my husband’s claims to fame is that he actually attended Woodstock.  He was practically a baby when he went, but he was there.   So, when I heard that Taos was hosting its second Annual Mountain Music Festival, I knew we had to go.   We headed to Taos on Sunday morning and stopped at Embudo Station for lunch.   The food was good – local and mostly organic.  We then headed to Taos and checked into one of our favorite places to stay there, El Monte Sagrado.   Our room was in their newest wing which was very pleasant.   The décor included pony hair leathers, fringed suede, antler accents and a color palette ranging from rich brown to robin’s egg blue.  The effect was pleasant, cool and chic, which we were not expecting – lovely bed and linens to boot.

We then headed up the mountain and got situated for the music festival – our “seat” for the performances was a blanket in a field of green grass surrounded by gorgeous mountains.   First, we heard Shemeka Copeland belt out the blues,  followed by Yonder Mountain String Band, both of whom the crowd adored.   Personally,  I am not a huge banjo fan unless it is Lyle Lovett’s large band, but they were great.  Then the main act took the stage.  Government Mule started playing just as the sun was setting and the stars came out.   We were treated to some talented rock and roll that went late into the night.   Not exactly Woodstock, but there were thousands of music-loving fans who thoroughly enjoyed the day of music in a setting that was hard to beat!  We headed back downhill to our digs at El Monte Sagrado, awoke the next day and made our way to Taos Plaza. We lunched at the all new Gorge Bar and Grill in the old Ogilvie’s space.   Great new ambiance and the food was delish!  If you have not checked out Seconds Eco Store on Bent Street, it is worth stopping in.   The cute, energetic proprietor, Sara Basehart, has filled a store full of wonderful items made from recycled products, all of which were great-looking and clever.  

We then headed back to Santa Fe on the lusciously green, mountainous High Road from Taos, which meanders through Peñasco, Truchas and Chimayo, where we stopped to grab a handful of the miraculous healing dirt.   All in all, not a bad 24-hour side trip from Santa Fe!

Was Last Night the Final Curtain on the Paolo Soleri?

Posted in General, Music on July 30, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

If so, the concert venue certainly went out in a blaze of rockin’ Texan glory. Lyle Lovett and his 15 piece band opened just before sunset and played nearly three hours straight for the amphitheater’s jam-packed audience. Mr. Lovett remained on stage during the entire show!

Even the weather paid respects to Lovett and the Soleri—the forecasted thunderstorms remained at bay for the entire evening and as the concert drew to a close, even the clouds were gone and the stars came out. It had been another beautiful Santa Fe evening to sit outdoors and listen to some incredible music.

One of the highlights of Lovett’s performance, other than his dreamy rendition of my personal favorite, If I had a Boat, was his mention that when he played in Phoenix the night before, Paolo Soleri himself came by during his sound check to talk about the concert likely being the last at the Soleri venue.

The crowd chanted “Save Paolo Soleri!”, and Lovett and his talented band played their hearts out. If this was the final performance in our beloved venue, Mr. Lovett contributed a wonderful swan song.