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The Shaping of Southwest Style

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Arnold Berke, Jenny Kimball, Stephen Fried, Fran Levine

Our Mary Jane Colter weekend in partnership with the New Mexico History Museum was a high-energy event, we had more people than I expected—a perfect example of how history can be brought to life and made relevant to us today. A sold-out crowd of 150 history and culture buffs celebrated the legacy of La Fonda’s feisty architect and designer in a truly interactive weekend of talks, presentations, and socializing. The youngest participant was a 13-year-old “Fred head” who will be giving me a tour at the former Montezuma Hotel in Las Vegas tomorrow! Biographer Arnold Berke, historian Stephen Fried, and architect Barbara Felix, kept us intrigued and amused with the kind of insights that emerge when you do historical research. Barbara even made us metaphorically lift our carpets in the guest rooms to reveal Colter’s original painted concrete floor underneath, awaiting restoration.

Barbara Felix

One theme that emerged over the weekend is the renewed emphasis nowadays on historical preservation, rather than just knocking down the old. Colter herself shows why: Her then-unique taste in local materials, artisanal products, and what we would call ethnic design and recycling suggest how deeply rooted these aesthetic values are, and how we respond to them in buildings like La Fonda without knowing exactly why—or didn’t know, until this weekend.


Jenny Kimball, Daggett Harvey

I was especially pleased to see a large number of Harvey family members come and share their insights. Daggett Harvey closed the weekend with an affectionate portrait of a woman who was assertive before her time: Mary Jane Colter was decisive, visionary, and intimidating at a time when women were not even allowed to vote! I think he spoke for all of us in saying that he had a new appreciation of what she did for the Fred Harvey Company—and for its legacy at La Fonda and throughout the Southwest.



Green Drinks

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In New Mexico we tend to think of ourselves as pretty environmentally conscious and “green.” But a group of us who are interested in sustainability learned earlier this week how the state’s hottest new industry might be a lot more green.

La Fonda was the host for the March meeting of Green Drinks, a nationwide project that brings people together over food and drink to talk about how to “green” our local economies. Green Drinks in Santa Fe is organized by the Santa Fe Alliance, and they brought Holly Roach as guest speaker. Holly and her Green Productions Resource helped “green” productions that have filmed here, such as True Grit, Cowboys & Aliens, Paul, and Have You Heard About the Morgans?

She mentioned a lot of ways that film productions can be more sustainable, such as using recycled or re-purposed materials in food service, costuming, and especially set design; using power-saving lights and centralized water stations instead of bottled water (imagine how much of that a film shoot goes through!), along with more energy-efficient vehicles. Holly suggested that film productions might aim to be “carbon neutral,” like the Academy Award-winning Syriana. She even mentioned a production office that kept goats in back to eat leftover food, with bins around the office labeled “For the Goats”!

Our food and beverage manager Shawn Murphy talked about some of our sustainability initiatives here at La Fonda, which got a terrific round of applause from the crowd. Since we are always looking for ways to make our hotel and restaurant business more green, we were really honored to have the Green Drinks crowd here—over 100 people strong!

Santa Fe Recycles!

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Recycle Santa Fe’s Art Festival occurred this past weekend at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, located in the Railyard. Attached are a few pics showing some of the goodies from the show. From evening gowns to placemats, there was something there for everyone. Each product must contain at least 75% rescued/reused materials and the creativity and artistry were amazing. I came home with a fabulous piece of art. This is the 12th year of the festival and it shows how many Santa Feans care about recycling and helping our planet survive.

One of the original organizers and the inventor of the “Trash Fashion Show”, Nancy Judd, has produced a lovely evening gown out of recycled La Fonda bed sheets which is to be adorned with long paper chains of pledges from children around the country explaining how they will save the planet. Check out her website for more amazing creations.

A River Runs Through Val Kilmer’s Ranch

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And it was flowing Thursday when he graciously opened his house for a luncheon fundraiser for The Wildlife Center. The Wildlife Center owns 20 acres of land south of Espanola, containing a wildlife hospital and rehabilitation center. Their mission is to conserve and restore native wildlife and their habitats through action-oriented education, promotion of public awareness, strategic partnerships and responsible wildlife rehabilitation. Their volunteers and staff brought a variety of owls to Kilmer’s Ranch to show them off to all potential donors. Attached are a few pics of a burrowing owl, a screech owl and a great horned owl. Check out the Wildlife Center’s website to learn more about what they do and to read about donor and volunteer possibilities. My check is already in the mail. And, if you have a few extra dollars lying around, Kilmer’s Pecos River Ranch is on the market for a cool 23 million, which is down from the earlier listing price of $33 million a few weeks ago.


Hot off the Press!!!

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For the first time ever, the submittals for Indian Market were of such caliber that the judges were not able to choose just one piece as Best of Show.   This year we have TWO Best of Show winners.  Filmmaker Blackhorse Lowe (Diné) won Best of Show for his film entitled Shimásání, which roughly translated means Runner.  It is a wonderful black and white film that was shot on the reservation.   The second ribbon for Best of Show was won by Stetson Honyumptewa (Hopi) for his kachina submitted in the Pueblo Wooden Carvings division.

There were several other exciting firsts at this year’s awards. This is the first year to have a film classification at Indian Market and one of the films submitted won Best of Show. Delores Garza (Haida), a first-year Indian Market participant, won Best of Division in Baskets.   In addition, Eve-Lauryn LaFountain (Chipewa) won Best of Division in the Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, Photography division, for a piece of photography.  It is the first time that a photograph has won in this division.

The Best of Show was announced at a luncheon today at the Santa Fe Convention Center honoring all of the division and special category winners.  These pieces will be on preview tonight at the Convention Center from 5:30 and 7:30 before they go on sale tomorrow as Indian Market opens.

Did you know that La Fonda used to host Indian Market in its entirety?  It has grown so large that it now dominates all of downtown Santa Fe and over 1,080 artists are participating in this year’s Market.

On Pins and Needles Awaiting the Best of Show Winner

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Today is judging day at Indian Market.  All of the artists’ pieces that were delivered to the Convention Center yesterday have now been classified.  As I write this, the judges are evaluating each piece of art submitted. The two head honchos in charge of the judging are Carole Sandoval (Ohkay Owingeh), Vice Chair of SWAIA’s board, a graduate of IAIA and John Torres-Nez (Diné), Director of Artists Services for SWAIA and former curator of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.  Both Carole and John have assembled a wide variety of artists and other art experts to judge each category and award the winning pieces with ribbons.

First place in each category, as well as the Best of Show winner, will be determined this afternoon and will be formally announced tomorrow at the Best of Show Luncheon and Preview (all tickets already sold out for this event).   All award-winning pieces will then be on display at the General Preview tomorrow night at the Convention Center (for tickets, please come to the Convention Center).

See pictures below of some of the work submitted.

Wednesday’s Behind the Scenes Peek at Indian Market

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The Wednesday before Indian Market officially begins is the day that Native American artists submit all art being considered for awards for this year’s Market.    The process begins with artists lining up outside the Convention Center with their art. Each piece is accepted by an “Official Receiver”, a volunteer who determines the judging category of each piece. There are 11 categories of art allowed in Indian Market, including jewelry, pottery, textiles, diverse art forms, bead and quill work, moving images, basketry, and youth.

I am one of the many volunteers that makes SWAIA’s Indian Market possible. As a Runner, it is then my responsibility to ensure these pieces of art get from the Official Receiver to the room where judging is being conducted.

Meet Betty Ottesen, from Greeley Colorado.  Betty is a guest at La Fonda and has been volunteering as an Indian Market official receiver since 1984. Betty knows her Indian Art and it was a pleasure today to shadow her and listen to the conversations between her and the artists about the art and the intricacies of determining categories of Native art.