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Behind the Scenes at Indian Market

Posted in Art, Santa Fe Non-Profits, Who's Who with tags on August 17, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

This week I will be blogging about some of the behind the scenes activity going on this week leading up to and including Indian Market weekend. I will also be spotlighting some of our interesting guests staying at La Fonda, starting with Sidney and Ruth Schultz.

The Schultz’s have made La Fonda their home away from home during Indian Market for the past 28 years. Ruth served on SWAIA’s (Indian Market’s sponsoring organization) board for many years. Ruth and Sidney have been avid collectors of Native American art for over 50 years and Ruth often shares her expertise with informative lectures on how to become a collector. Ruth describes Indian Market as “the greatest show on earth”. She suggests anyone interested in the art itself attend the preview Friday afternoon. The preview is hosted at the Convention Center and gives a good overall look at what is going to be offered at Market. For tickets to this event, call Linda Off at SWAIA: 505-983-5220. For more information visit their website.

Another gem of advice Ruth shares, “Don’t be blinded by the ribbons.” There is so much wonderful work that has not been awarded a ribbon; collectors may be missing out on some fantastic opportunities if they limit themselves to purchasing ribboned pieces.


The Old Lady Needs a Face Lift (and I am not talking about me)

Posted in General, Santa Fe Non-Profits, Who's Who on May 6, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

Cornerstones Community Partnerships is a nonprofit organization based in Santa Fe. Its mission is to work in collaboration with communities to restore historic structures, encourage traditional building practices, and affirm cultural values. I have to admit that I am a huge fan of this organization and I am honored to serve on its board.

San Miguel Chapel, located on the Old Santa Fe Trail, is said to be the oldest church in the United States. A church has been on this site since the early 1600s and the present structure was reconstructed in 1710. It is owned by St. Michael’s Corporation (which also runs St. Mike’s High School here in Santa Fe – boasting such famous graduates as St. Mike’s board president John Fox (Co-owner Southwestern Title and Escrow), Cheryl Sommer (owner of Kaunes), Greg Quintana (comptroller of the very popular hotel, La Fonda on the Plaza), Larry Delgado (former mayor), Art Jaramillo (head of the GSA for NM), Dr. David Gonzales (CMO of the Heart Hospital of NM), City Counselor Matt Ortiz, City Attorney Geno Zamora, Monsignor Jerome, Federal Judge Judy Herrera, just to name a few. St. Michael’s asked Cornerstones to get involved and develop a preservation plan for the chapel. Not only has Cornerstones done this, but it applied for and was awarded a Save America’s Treasures grant to help fund the preservation.

Cornerstones and St. Michael's Group Shot

The two boards came together at my home to meet and greet and solidify this collaboration. Pictures from this event are attached. Preservation work will begin this summer and volunteers are needed. If you want to learn about adobe structures or just want to grab a few friends and spend time together outdoors mudding the mission and helping a great cause, call the Cornerstones office at 982-9521 and sign up. Hours for volunteer crews are 9-3:30 Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you can’t help mud, how about donating lunches for our volunteer work crews? To feed an entire work crew for the day would be a max of 20 lunches and our volunteers would be very appreciative. So get out, get your hands dirty, and feel good about giving your time to help restore an historic icon.

PS – If you’re looking for a picture of Cornerstones board President Jim Gautier, you won’t find him. He wasn’t avoiding the camera, he was behind it. Many thanks to Jim for taking the photographs.

Betty Montoya, Cheryl Sommer, Marci Sullivan

Jake Barrow, Dr. David Gonzales

Ann Caldwell, Kurt Sommer, Bruce Chemel

Dave Blackman, Max Myers

Boni Armijo, John Fox

Exilda Martinez, Bill Garcia, Max Myers, Monie Blum

Group Shot

Group Shot

Health and Human Services Week

Posted in Santa Fe Dining, Santa Fe Non-Profits, Who's Who on April 21, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

This week is Health and Human Services Week in Santa Fe. Fran Mullin, owner of Vanessie, created this event several years ago. The event has become so successful that it has expanded to a full eleven days.

Fran’s goals are to foster communication among Santa Fe’s social service organizations and educate the public and business community about the services that these worthwhile nonprofits provide. Each year, Fran personally selects the local nonprofits that are to be involved in Health and Human Services Week. He challenges these selected organizations to bring in at least 100 reservations to Vanessie. This gives the board members and staff of these nonprofits an opportunity to have some ‘skin in the game’.

Fran generously donates 20% of Vanessie’s receipts during Health and Human Services Week. In addition, he underwrites the entire cost of printing and advertising for this event so 100% of the money raised goes directly to the nonprofits as unrestricted funds.

We are fortunate to have Charlie Wheeler and Shane Muth, local representatives of HUB Insurance, as La Fonda’s insurance agents. Not only are they saving us money in insurance premiums while increasing our coverage, but they are showing their commitment to our community by participating in Health and Human Services Week. HUB sponsors an entire table on four nights during Health and Human Services Week. Customers invited to dinner at HUB’s table learn about the particular nonprofit that HUB is sponsoring each year. I have been lucky enough to have been a guest of HUB’s last year, raising money for the Mountain Center, and this year, for Gerards’ House. This year, Health and Human Services week continues through Sunday, April 25, so if you have time, call Vanessie and make a reservation, enjoy the tasty-good, simply-the-best onion loaf in town and know that 20% of the money spent will go to a very good cause in our community.

Lannan at the Lensic

Posted in General, Literature, Santa Fe Non-Profits, Who's Who with tags , , , on March 25, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

One of the many unique and special things about living in Santa Fe is being able to take advantage of the Readings and Conversations Program sponsored by the Lannan Foundation. These lectures occur throughout the year and are held in our venerable and gorgeously renovated historic theater, the Lensic.

Santa Feans are fortunate that Patrick Lannan moved his Foundation here in 1997. This Foundation has supported many writers, artists and activists and brought many of them to Santa Fe so we could hear their stories in their own voices. Where else can you, for $6 a ticket, listen to such world-class writers and heroes like Breyten Breytenbach, Sebastiao Salgado, Junot Diaz, and Isabelle Allende, just to name a few?

These conversations are always sold out and last night’s was no exception. Arundhati Roy, Lannan’s 2002 Cultural Freedom Prize Winner, was the speaker.  Though I read Man Booker Prize winning novel, The God of Small Things several years ago—and thoroughly enjoyed it—I had no idea what an eye-opening conversation last evening would hold. She read from her new book, Listening to Grasshoppers: Field Notes on Democracy, and spoke about her two and a half week trek deep into the forests of Central India with the armed Maoist rebels to report on the Maoist insurgency. She explained that India’s police are fighting a war against what the government is calling their country’s “gravest internal security threat”. Roy describes the complexity of the situation in that “the tribal people, the forests, the minerals and the Maoists are all stacked on top of each other”.

The article she has just published describing this outing can be found at  Whether or not you agree with the political positions Roy has taken, after listening to her talk about India and its challenges, it certainly makes one appreciate living in America.

More Snow Than You Can Imagine

Posted in Art, Santa Fe Non-Profits, Skiing, Who's Who with tags , , , on March 17, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

My husband, Rob, and I recently skied Ski Santa Fe where there is more snow than you can imagine. Even the highest peak, south-facing Cornice, was open. Not a rock was showing and we were able to carve many fresh powder turns. There were very few people skiing, easy parking, no lift lines, electric blue skies and fresh powder on every tree run. A totally amazing ski day.

We rushed home to prepare for a small dinner party we were hosting. Tony Abeyta, a young, extremely talented Navajo artist joined us, along with his 12-year-old daughter Margeaux. Tony’s amazing artwork is shown at Blue Rain Gallery here in Santa Fe. In 1992, Tony designed that year’s poster promoting Santa Fe’s world-famous Indian Market – quite an honor!

Our hotel, La Fonda on the Plaza, showcases a few pieces of Tony’s. One of his traditional works is on the wall in the Lobby hall when you enter the hotel via the parking garage; our deceased owners, Sam and Ethel Ballen, bought several years ago at a charity auction. La Fonda also has a few more recent works-on-paper by Tony (more contemporary in style), which are in one of our concierge-level Terrace at La Fonda rooms. Rob and I are commissioning him to create a piece of art for our house so we wanted him to see the colors and feel of our house at night.

Also joining us for dinner was Bruce Bernstein with his wife, Landis Smith. Bruce is the executive director of SWAIA (Southwestern Association for Indian Arts), the organization that promotes Native American arts and organizes Indian Market every year. I am a new board member for this organization and, as you might imagine, most of the conversation revolved around Native American artists and the friends we all have in common.

If you have never experienced Indian Market, it is one truly amazing sight and scene. This year, the dates are August 21-22, with associated festivities and events starting earlier that week.

Santa Fe has Amazingly Talented People!

Posted in Santa Fe Non-Profits, Who's Who on March 12, 2010 by Jenny Kimball

Have you ever just not wanted to like someone before you’ve even met them? Admittedly, not the most gracious of admissions but, nevertheless…

Brian Byrnes, the new executive director of the Santa Fe Community Foundation was one of these people. I really didn’t want to like him. I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t, even before I actually met him. Let me explain.

The Santa Fe Community Foundation is one of the many worthy organizations that La Fonda supports.  It is one of the best run, stellar non-profits we have here in Santa Fe. It covers a broad range of needs in our community that no one else fills.  It has one of the strongest boards in town (maybe I am biased as my dear friends Hervey Juris and Alexis Girard are just a few of the talented board members) steering strategy and providing leadership.  So, why did I want to NOT like Brian? Simply put, because he is not Billie Blair.

Billie was the intrepid leader of the Santa Fe Community Foundation for the past few years; she is also a dear friend. I have often joked to anyone who would listen that Billie could run the world, and it would be a much better place if we’d just step back and let her. Billie decided it was time that she wanted to step down and turn the reins over to a new leader. Her high heels were indeed huge shoes to fill (and I know something about trying to fill gigantic shoes in trying to run La Fonda after Sam Ballen passed away). So, I was predisposed not to like Brian solely because he was not Billie. Well, even before our delicious La Plazuela food was served at lunch yesterday, I found my resolve melting quicker than the snow on La Fonda’s sidewalks. I couldn’t believe how charming, disarming, sincere and authentic he is. He is not just talking the talk about philanthropy, he is walking the walk in his personal life which is all one can ask.

I know Billie has been – and will continue to be – missed at the Foundation by me and all who know her. But, I am confident that Brian will forge his own path and steer this fabulous Foundation, which provides so many needed services to our community, in a positive direction. So, here’s to all of us who from time to time, may not want to like someone, only to find out how wrong they can be – and admit it.

Good luck, Brian. And Billie, may the next venture in your life end up being just as successful as your time at the helm of the Santa Fe Community Foundation.